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If you are planning or making a decision for tattoo? First, you have to decide what you want. Then you have to find finest tattoo artist you trust to actually ink it on your skin. It’s not an easy task. Shiva Ink is the perfect solution for your all tattooing needs in Goa. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is a place where Arjun Kanjiya, Best Tattoo artists in Goa can show their stuff, leaving you with plenty of options.


Arjun is a well-known tattoo artist based in Goa. He is master in Traditional Style Tattoo Art with a feminine touch that works just as well on skin as it does on canvas. Arjun is one of the most famous tattoo artists in Goa and proprietor of Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio having over 10 years of experience to the table. He has been tattooing for over a decade.


He is mastered in his own unique, classic, traditional and lovely style. So if you are in Goa and dying to get inked, check out Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio. His work features strong lines and bold colors, all with distinct quirks. Whether in black and gray or in color, his tattooing work is always remarkable.


Hi, I am Arjun Kanjiya. I am a Tattoo Artist from Goa. For about 6 years. I started out by getting all the equipment I needed and doing free tattoos for friends, talking to different people who have experience, talking to people on the internet and trying to improve my tattoos. My greatest inspirations come from working with people as I want to make their dream tattoo become a reality. Eventually I got work in a studio, not the best one, but the only place I could work without experience. There I got to meet people and afterwards I was more confident. Now I have own tattoo studio (Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio) in Goa. I am very creative. I love my work. I have a steady hand. I am dedicated about my work. Tattooing is my passion. I love tattooing different styles

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