Shiva ink tattoo studio is Goa’s unique professional tattoo studio specializing in the art of realistic Tattoos. Realistic effect gives a real life image on a person’s body. It takes a series of meticulous steps and skills set to achieve designing a realistic tattoo. At Shiva ink tattoo studio, our artists are skilled to ink hyper realism tattoos. Most tattoo designs done in Goa are lining works feeling work some shading work. This implies that most tattoos designed are flat images, with not much depth in the tattoo design. At Shiva ink tattoo studio, we develop tattoos that have an everlasting extra dimension, a third dimension! These tattoos interact with the skin in an amazing manner, with tattoos having the height, width and depth, giving the illusion of being within the body or above the skin.

At shiva ink we wish to take the art of tattoos to a whole new dimension here in the beautiful palm fringed state of goa. It has only been up until recently that realistic tattoos have been developed and are slowly becoming mainstream. Stand out from the rest of the crowd,get something amazingly different and depth-full designed on your body at the Shiva ink, calangute Goa. The tattoo inked not only would be cool but will most definitely also have deeper meanings. The procedures used by us to design tattoo are extremely safe and follow the guidelines set by the international standard for hygiene. We use stringent techniques for sterilization and every needle is new for each individual client.

Tattooing is the trend in Goa, Every one passionate about tattoo now days. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is the Leading Tattoo Studio in Goa and No. 1 Tattoo Studio for Tattoo Lovers in Goa.

Welcome to Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio in Goa. Their tattoos are crisp, intricate and unique which stand out and make a lasting impression. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio Where your feelings turn into expressions. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is among Goa’s well-known Tattoo studios situated near Calangute Beach Rd, Calangute Circle, Near Baga Circle, Goa.

Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio provides a wide range of Tattoo Options which are: Angel Tattoos Animal Tattoos Asian Tattoos Butterflies Cartoons Celtic Tattoos Clowns Cross Demon Native American Tattoos. Their experts have expertise on free hand tattoo designing. They always try to give customers a new tattoo design from his collection.

They applying International Hygienic Standards and have fully sterilized environment in our Tattoo Studio. We use pre-sterilized disposable tattoo equipment’s, Tattoo Needles, Grips and Tips. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattoo studio in Goa mastered by Arjun Kanjiya. Arjun is a self-trained tattoo artist.

This Tattoo studio specialises in virtually all kinds of tattoos. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio brings you exclusive designs in tattoos. The best thing about this place is the hygiene that’s practised here. Customer service is on time and satisfactory. They work tirelessly to ensure that anyone who chooses us leaves with something they truly love.

Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is a Tattoo Studio which is fully equipped with all the machines and stuff required for this task. The Equipment’s include : Tattooing Machines Ink Stand Inks Needles Needle Grip etc… Tattoo lovers would love this place. Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio is a well known Tattoo studio in Goa that offers wide range and exclusive designs tattoos. The tattoo design at Shiva Ink Tattoo Studio makes it a perfect place to ink your body. Their designs are unique and the ambiance is friendly too. Get yourself inked at Shiva Ink Tattoo StudioTattoo Studio.

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